Boat Cocktail Table by Magnussen (No Glass Top) FLOOR MODEL

  • $74.99
  • Save $75

This awesome boat cocktail table is a real work of art.  If you love the water you'll adore this little gem.  It was supposed to come with a glass top that just sits on it but they never came and then the maker discontinued making them.

(First photo is of what you are getting, a table with NO GLASS.  Second photo is what it will look like AFTER YOU BUY THE GLASS) 

I tell people to just buy it and then make a cardboard template and take the template to the glass guy and ask them to make you a top.  Tell them to seam the edges so little Johnny doesn't take a header and lose his marbles.  lol.  Not that difficult to make this into the conversation starter of the party!

NEW IN BOX / FLOOR MODEL  Doesnt matter.  All 3 I have are in beautiful shape.